Churning the Positivity

My upbringings in Southern California was not always your sunny days at the beach or taking a walk in the park. Especially when you have a household that doesn’t like to tan. Family outings never had any physical activity components or if it did it defiantly was not a main focal point.

With no influences to be active from any of my family members yet I surprisingly got into sports and working out at a pretty early age. Where did this come from? Who knows!  Realizing the various health problems both of sides of my family I have always wanted to encourage them to incorporate physical activity in their lives. But isn’t nearly impossible to change ones habits? Of course! It’s hard. However, I have come to realize becoming an example can make things slightly easier!

I can always remember my dad; a pack a day smoker kind of guy. Never really active yet always complaining about back problems or being really achy. I tell him you need to stretch! Do some cardio! Telling someone the answer to their problems won’t always stick.

There is a difference with telling someone to do something than guiding them to do that something. 

Francesca, my older sister and my dad came up to visit early November to spend sometime with me for my birthday. I had a plan to take both of them to the top of Bernal Hill in San Francisco. I would like to think it was not a that bad of a walk, it’s just a little steep. In the back of my mind I knew if I ever told my dad how far it is he probably would not come along. So I simply told him it was just a short walk up the hill.

We first headed to a flight of stairs. As I looked back I hoped that it wasn’t too much for him but sure enough I can hear him breathing a little harder than normal. I would tell him “we’re almost there don’t worry!”

It was probably a quarter up the hill until he wanted to give up.  My sister and I kept pushing him forward and giving him with positive feedback. Low and behold the old man made it up the hill!

This event made me question, do we show enough positivity towards one another? When I mean positivity I don’t just mean to keep on complementing someone; it could just be a simple smile to a random stranger.

There are people who believe they can’t do certain things.

Sometimes I feel I can’t accomplish certain tasks.

But if you are surrounded by people who truly want you to succeed it almost makes you think that things you thought you can’t do can be possible.


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