Adventures of Self

You can explore all around your city over and over. You’ll always gain perspective. Whether if its from people or things you simply run into. But what if you explore somewhere where you’ve never been all by yourself?

For all my readers who’s birthdays land towards holiday season you can understand that friends you want to invite to some birthday bash of yours are slim to none. If not maybe its just my poor planning.To celebrate another year of life I gifted myself to a trip to Portland, Oregon. Everything in my to do list in my travels included my favorite things but not my people.

I find it interesting how we can find some kind of identity in others but what happens when they are no longer around? Finding solidarity in yourself is just as important as surrounding yourself with people that care about you. My reasoning behind this is when there is growth in yourself you can carry on deeper and meaningful relationships with others. In order to for people to pour love and compassion to you must do that same.

My 1st night I checked in to a hostel, dropped my things off and hit the town to see The Grouch and Del the Funky Homosapien (If you don’t know, google it). Besides the great music I met some some pretty cool people such as these three brothers who loved to emerge themselves in the hip hop culture. It’s great to know I still keep in contact with most of them.  The next morning walked all around the Pearl district to see some pretty cool galleries, eateries, and recreational cannabis shops. I can’t even explain how many times I got lost even with a map in hand. My final day I exchanged some life stories with people who stayed in the hostel. If you have never stayed in one, I defiantly recommend it, just because you never know what kind of life paths you’re going to hear.

The 48 hours of being in another city helped me reflect on who I am as an individual. I was reminded that I am a social butterfly, scatter brained, and relentless person. So to my readers do be afraid to explore just different places but explore what you are capable of.



3 Replies to “Adventures of Self”

  1. I love tbis. Im gonna be visiting your site all the time. I get the chills and it makes me think about my life. Brings some emotions but it feels like the right path to clarity. You are such an amazing person giselle & a big inspiration to others!

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