The Art of Planning

Ever heard someone say “I don’t have time for that”?

That’s a lie.

What you essentially find in your life as a priority is something that you happen to make time for. It can even be the smallest actions like checking how many likes you have on an Instagram post. My point is that if there is an activity, end goal, or priority that needs some attention, you make time.

We may not have the same priorities in life but if there was something you have always been longing to do or be it there is always a game plan for it.  Yes, there maybe certain things in life that is beyond you control but something that you are in control of is what you chose to do next.

Finishing my last year of college has been quite hectic but still decided to embrace the process. I work full time hours, workout 4-5 times a week, take on the role of a full-time college kid, and still managed to take a total of 12 trips outside of the bay area so far.

To get down to the nitty gritty of planning one of the biggest things that helped me was to shift the way I perceived time. If I give myself a certain time constraints on a particular task I try to view that given time as the only opportunity I have to do in that day which helps me maximize the productivity. It is merely training the mind to help see the importance of the task and consequences that can potentially come along with it.

For my planners out there, feel free to share any ideas and personal experiences. For those who are more curious about planning feel free to fire away with questions and thoughts.


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