adjective • co·pa·cet·ic • kō-pə-ˈse-tik 

Definition of copacetic: Very satisfactory; Fine

 “I should of went to design school.”

“I wonder if I just stayed at home instead of moved out.”

“If I can just go back in time I could of fixed the situation better”

” I don’t think I am happy with where I am at now.”

These were thoughts that have went through my head. As I came to realize that this was a type of thinking that is poisonous.

Not every decision you make or any situation that you fall into will be what you consider a good one. This doesn’t mean you should hold back or be my cautious about your choices. But instead, embrace the art failing forward. It is really from our faults that we can learn and move forward.

I am a true believer that what happens to you whether good or bad you should embrace your journey. Accept things for what it is and people for who they are. A copacetic being does such.